There will NOT be any surveys this semester and the way we’ll address those points is to just GIVE YOU THE SEVEN POINTS that you would have earned for doing the surveys. Isn’t that amazing how yes, friends, sometimes Penn State does give you FREE things! We don’t always take. [NOTE: There was a typo in the syllabus where we wrote that you could earn “up to 10 points” for the surveys and not “up to 7 points” for the surveys and so for some reason some of you have assumed that surveys were worth 10 points. If you go to the grading matrix at the end of the syllabus you can see that we dedicated 7 out of 265 for completing the survey and not 10/265 points.]


Do you have an interest in taking a biogeographical DNA ancestry test and learning about where your ancestors are from? If you partner with another person, you can take the test for as low as $49.00. That’s half price if you have another person who would like to take the test. Click on this link for information. This is the sort of information that you’ll receive about your ancestors:



You are cordially invited to a sneak peek of The Turn Out, a hybrid fiction feature film directed by Film/Video assistant professor, Pearl Gluck. Based on the testimony of sex trafficking survivors, anti-trafficking activists, and truckers, The Turn Out is a fictionalized narrative about a trucker who must decide if he will stand up against trafficking at his truck stop. Some of the truckers and survivors are featured in the film. Here is the TRAILER

LOCATION: The State Theatre
DATE: Thursday, November 16th @ 6:00pm
COST: The screening is free with a suggested donation that will be contributed to two inspiring survivor-led organizations, The Freeman Project and Survivor’s Ink.
TICKETS: You can reserve them HERE or just show up

Hen Mazzig is speaking on November 15th @ 6 pm in room 5 HHD.
Mazzig is a human rights, gay rights, and trans rights activist and he will share his experience as an openly gay lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He is a half-Iraqi and half-African Jew, and he is part of the story of the 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries. While serving in the COGAT unit he worked as an intermediary between the IDF, the Palestinian Authority, the UN, and the many non-governmental organizations that work in the West Bank.


Rick Miller, our guest from last week, is offering his Power Compass and Values Survey for charting how we position ourselves in the world as it relates to our ability to accept and create our own power trajectory. Free free to download it and try it out. It’s quite illuminating. Power Compass and Values Survey


Another deadline for Teach For America is upon us – December 1st. Check this out: