Twitter Assignment

Twitter Assignments – 33 points

In addition to the Video Response Assignment, each week you will have to Tweet THREE (3) times in reference to the @SOC119 Twitter account. We prefer that you find a Tweet that was sent out by the @SOC119 Social Media team and retweet it as a “Quote Tweet.” Certainly, that’s the easiest way to fulfill this assignment and the most meaningful. HOWEVER, YOU CAN MAKE A QUOTE TWEET WITH ANY TWEET THAT’S OUT THERE IN TWITTERLAND.

PURPOSE: The @SOC119 Social Media team is identifying issues and ideas from class that have the potential to inspire conversation and critical thought. We are asking you to identify three of those Tweets each week and carry forward the conversation by adding your own thoughts to the tweet. All of the @SOC119 Tweets will have some media attached to them.

Each of your Tweets is worth ONE (1) point

Just as with the Video Response Assignment, we will drop your lowest grade – which means that if you forget to do this assignment one week (or don’t have time), then you don’t have to lose the points.


1. Download the Twitter app, or access it through Create an account if you do not already have one– the use of personal accounts is preferred and you’ll find that it’s easier for you
2. Follow @SOC119
3. Two ways to do this:

For Quote Tweets: Select a Tweet from the @Soc119 account that speaks to you on some level and make a short comment, including any media you feel necessary. #SOC119 must be included in each Quote Tweet.

For regular Tweets: Compose a Tweet regarding a recent SOC 119 lecture, tweet, or an interesting point related to either or to the readings or to something in your life or in the popular media that you are thinking about and is related to this class. Attach some form of media (e.g., photo, video link) and include #SOC119.

4. Take a screenshot of your THREE (3) Tweets and upload the screen shot images to the Canvas assignment tab that will open each week.


If you don’t make a Quote Tweet, then follow this:

* A simple re-Tweet is not going to get you credit, nor will one or two word Tweets — even if it’s a really clever response to something
* Tweets must be 140-280 characters (it’s not that difficult)
* A photo, video link, or web link must be accompanied by some text as either an explanation or as a reply to your own Tweet
* Slides from class CANNOT be used and credited will not be awarded to those who use slides as media
* You can’t Tweet a 130 character web link and expect that to be your Tweet
* Twitter usually shortens attachment links but, if it doesn’t, then use a Tiny URL program to convert your URL address. If you don’t know how to do that, then Google it.

The Canvas file upload box closes at 11:59 pm on Sundays so you have to have it in before then. We can’t reopen these and the TAs can’t accept your Tweets after that via some other platform (e.g., email). As with the Video Response Assignments, any technological issues are your responsibility so give yourself time to problem solve and get additional assistance if needed. Again, the Tech Tutors can help: