Becoming a Soc 119 TA

Throughout the semester we will be inviting people to pass through the first floor of Pond Lab for what we’re calling a “dip in the pond.” Essentially this is a fact-finding gathering held once per week throughout the semester in which the SOC 119 staff can get to know people who would like to become SOC 119 TAs and potential applicants can get a better sense of what being a TA is all about.

To register to attend A Dip in the Pond, click here.

If you are invited to become a SOC 119 TA, then you’ll be asked to attend a workshop/info session on the weekend before classes begin.

You receive FOUR (4.0) credits of SOC 300 for your work as a TA during the semester.

TAing for SOC 119 is NOT a paid position but being a TA is generally less of a time commitment than being in the SOC 119 class as it generally requires 6 hours per week.

While you are co-facilitating three sections of SOC 119, you will continue with your training. The meeting days/times for this training is EITHER Tuesdays from 6:00-8:30pm or Wednesdays from 6:00-8:30pm.

You MUST be available for one of them.

The experience of TAing for SOC 119 is a very different experience than being in the class. It can be uncomfortable because it requires you to take an inward journey. Whereas in SOC 119 you learn about culture and history and political systems, in SOC 300 you will learn more about interpersonal relations and yourself. This can be painstaking work, certainly, but it can also be enlightening. But for someone who needs lots of structure and clear answers or who is looking to take SOC 119-Part II, this is not the experience for you.

You will NOT receive an automatic “A” for your work in SOC 300. Your grade is based on your degree of responsibility and dependability in your work as a TA. We very much want everyone to earn an “A” for the course — and frankly MOST everyone does. But that will be up to you.

One final thing:

Facilitating discussion groups on race relations is not easy; it is emotionally challenging. You must be ready to be confused and to feel things, as well as to explore your racial identity and other aspects of yourself more deeply.

~ It’s a good idea to talk to current and former TAs to get a better idea of what to expect if you are selected.

~ If you still feel inspired to join us in this work, we would love to have you apply.

We want applications from students of all cultures, faiths, sexual, and (especially) political orientations. The more diverse we are in ideologies, backgrounds, and experiences, the more we will have to teach one another.

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