1. Where’s the syllabus?

Seriously? You passed right over it in the drop down menu.


2. I missed class and I don’t want to lose points. What should I do?

Watch this video but keep in mind that the video is old. The new policy is you miss four points after the first two missed classes and can be found in the current syllabus.


3. I flunked the exam and I’m really worried about it! What should I do?

Watch this video. It’s dated because we now have three quizzes. However, you’ll get the point.


4. I’m really broke. What should I do?

Well, we’re doing our part because you don’t have to pay for reading materials in this class. By the way…you think you’re broke? When someone took this photo below Sam was so broke he had to use a sidewalk toilet.



5. This is a really short FAQ page. What if I have questions that are not in the syllabus?

Not likely. Have you read the syllabus yet? It’s more like a short book than a syllabus. But alas, if you can’t find the answer that you seek, then fire off an email to: staff@soc119.org


6. How can I become a TA?

From the hundreds of people in class we’ll select 34 to become facilitators for the following semester. If you’re studying abroad or for some reason you won’t be around, then you can apply for the following semester. Apply at any time. The link to the page where you can find more information is in the same drop down menu in which you found this FAQ page.


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