Haiti with Sam and Laurie

“We are built to learn,” Laurie often says, “and we don’t need specialist teachers or classrooms or grades or schools to tell us how to learn.” This gathering of fifteen people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti will follow that premise and we intend to spend a week sharing with one another how to bridge our inner and outer worlds and how to expand the edges of social action and personal development by living into the potent territory where these forces converge.

Our time will be equally divided between interpersonal conversation on the grounds of the Eucalyptus Guest House and sociological exploration in and around the city of Port-au-Prince.

We’ve been teaching inside the academy for more than 30 years and we have every intention of continuing that work. However, we also want to experience the waters outside of the confines of the university classroom and “learn” on a different schedule, in a new environment, and with the full spaciousness that exists between teachers and a students when grades are not part of the relationship.

We have chosen Haiti because it’s a land where visitors have the opportunity to push up against the inner moral compasses. It’s a powerful, life-changing experience to do this. People think of Haiti and immediately envision poverty and struggle. Those things do shape the lives of Haitian people, of course, but there is so much more to the country and the people — and we’re going to give you the opportunity to experience that “so much more.” With that in mind, check out this article from the NYT.

If this intrigues you as much as it does the two of us, then we welcome you to consider joining us for a week of collaborative discernment.

And if you would like more information about anything, free free to send us an email. Even though they won’t be of much use in understanding what we’ll be doing on this adventure, here are our professional bios.

Sam: iunlearn@gmail.com
Laurie: laurielmulvey@gmail.com

11 spaces still available


WHEN:   13-19 May, 2018

WHERE:   Port-au-Prince, Haiti

WHO:   Anyone who has seven days to spend in a remarkable country — you don’t have to be a student

WHY:   To grow…and because this is a fundraiser for our Afghanistan dialogues program

PROGRAM COST:   $1,100

* $1,000 of the program cost will go toward paying the direct costs that are needed to maintain support for the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association for another year


* 7 nights at Eucalyptus Guest House in PAP — that we will arrange

TRAVEL:   $500-700 *

* approximate airfare from various U.S. cities to PAP — that you will arrange


After breakfast each morning we will introduce the group to the daily theme. Then in the afternoon we will head out into the city to explore different components of that theme. In the evenings we will return to the guest house for dinner and our nightly debrief. We’re not going to list any of the themes for the week because we want you to come with a wide open mind ready to explore things you never before considered or thought about.

This is not a Penn State program and you will not receive course credit for the experience. That said, nor will there be quizzes or papers or assignments or any sort…or grades.


Safety: While Haiti went through a period of unrest years ago, it is safe today and Haiti is no longer on the U.S. State Department’s “Do Not Travel” list. If you search online you will find articles outlining risks related to Haiti travel but many of these are outdated. (Even Penn State has removed Haiti from it’s “restricted travel list” and that’s a big deal.) Moreover, the Eucalyptus Guest House is a gated community and people from all over the world stay there, including church and school groups from the U.S.

Health: Most visitors to Haiti take malaria tablets (Sam takes the pills about half the time he visits). We’re not going to be in isolated, rural areas, however, and you will have daily access to clean water and very sanitary conditions. Moreover, you won’t be eating street food.

Wifi and Phone: Your phone will work in PAP and you can buy a Haitian sim card for $2-3 USD if you choose to do that. Eucalyptus has wifi.


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Eucalyptus Guest House

Eucalyptus Guess House is owned and operated by our friends, Ernso and Gina Jean Louis. You’ll love the ambiance, the food and, most importantly, the hospitality.



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