Tentative Itinerary

We’re waiting to see how many people are going and who is going before we finalize the list of topics that we’ll examine each day as a group and where we will visit in PAP. That said, here is a tentative list of options:

The orphanage that is run by Poverty Resolutions, an NGO that was started by two former MBA students from Penn State.

The operational headquarters of Thread International, a company started by Ian Rosenberger, a former student of ours at Penn State. Watch THIS video of Ian talking about Thread.

We’d like to visit Fonkoze, a microfinance organization.

We’ll likely visit Quisqueya University where Merina and Melissa take classes. They are the twins for whom we raise funds in SOC 119. We’ll have a lecture there on the history of Haiti.

We’ll likely visit the cemetery because, well…it’s a unique experience.

We’ll visit one of the hospitals for whom we raise funds.

We’ll visit the National Museum.

We’ll go to the beach because, well…we’re in the Caribbean and so we have to do that.