Quiz One Readings & Videos


What follows are all of the readings and videos for which you are responsible for the first quiz that is on Thursday, February 8th. That doesn’t mean that you have to read or watch them all (or any of them for that matter); it just means that you’ll end up guessing while taking the quiz if you don’t keep up. But honestly, we really do want you to read these articles and watch these videos because we think they’re worth reading and watching. In other words, we’ve tried to make this material worth your time simply by making sure that it’s worth our time. And on top if that, you didn’t pay for any of it.

Give yourself 5 – 6 hours to get through these articles and videos.




These two 15 minute videos offer a window into Afghan culture.

“Afghanistan – the unknown country (Part 1)”
“Afghanistan – the unknown country (Part 3)”


Here is a 6 minute video about the history of Haiti that’s worth watching — just to keep you focused on the country as we move forward with the Haiti fundraising project. Think about how interesting history is and how past events shaped current events.
WATCH THE VIDEO: “History of Haiti”


Here’s an article about how race fits into our lives. It’s one of our longer readings but it is, nonetheless, a “brief” introduction to race and ethnicity.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Race and Ethnicity: The Elephant in the Room”


Again, this is one of the longer articles you will be reading and it’s about the creation of racial groups and the degree to which we should even be talking about race in the modern world.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Do Racial Groups Exist?”


Here is a cool video about Chinese in the southern part of the United States. Let that southern drawl coming from Chinese Americans rock your world a little bit.
WATCH THE VIDEO: “America’s Southern Chinese”


Here is a revealing article about Native American youth in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. It’s an eye-opening read.
READ THE ARTICLE: “The Real Legacy of Crazy Horse”


Here is an interesting discussion of some transgender issues. As you read it, keep in mind that the author of this article assumes that everyone “should” positively embrace people who are trans and mentally ill (and the vast majority of people in your generation agree with most of what he is saying). That said, most of you still don’t know much about trans issues for sure, and probably don’t think much about mental illness of any sort. So here’s a start.
READ THE ARTICLE: “How Stigma Against Trans People and the Mentally Ill Poisons Our Politics and Culture”


This is just cool.
READ THE ARTICLE: “When a 200,000-Year-Old Culture Encountered the Modern Economy”


This is an audio interview with a number of people as part of a Podcast called Reveal. The host, Al Letson, is an extremely open-minded person. He’s progressive and on the left, but he’s more open to hearing the actual views of people he disagrees with than most anyone I’ve ever encountered. He put this program together after the violence in Charlottesville in mid August, 2017. At the very end he let’s his ideology fully seep into the podcast and he really hammers Trump without acknowledging what Trump says that he was trying to say about Charlottesville and about how “the left” ought to acknowledge that there were people on the left who showed up to the rally prepared for violence and willing to engage in violence.
You need to click on LISTEN right under the title. This is good to listen to on your phone.
WATCH THE VIDEO: “Hate on the March: White Nationalism in the Trump Era”


This article goes with the final lecture that I gave for the first part of the course.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Making Sense of the Violence in Charlottesville”

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