Quiz Three Readings & Videos


This is the final set of readings and videos for the class. Much like the other quizzes and study materials, these will not mirror what we cover in lecture but there will be some overlap. We have included what we think are interesting articles and videos. That said, keep in mind that there are a lot people in the class and so what’s less interesting for you is surely interesting for someone else.

Videos:  about 3.0 hours total
Readings:  about 2.5 hours total


Here’s an up-to-date article on anti-semitism that is quite balanced and provocative at the same time.
READ THE ARTICLE: Anti-Semitism in the alt-right age: It’s “the bellwether of society”


You don’t need to “watch” this video — it’s the audio that is most provocative. Most of you have surely not heard of Michael Eric Dyson, a Sociologist and overall BRILLIANT THINKER. This is him talking to a Congressional Sub-committee on the status of Black youth, particularly males.
WATCH THE VIDEO: Status of Black Males


In class we discussed modern day slavery. Here’s an 18 minute talk that will leave you thinking about the issue in new ways.
WATCH THE VIDEO: How to Combat Modern Slavery


I wish the entire population of the U.S. could or would read this article about reasoning and thinking/pretending that we know more than we do. Please reflect on the ideas of this interview long and hard, my friends.
READ THE ARTICLE: Why we pretend to know things, explained by a cognitive scientist


This is an article that discusses meta data analysis and data between and among members of different ancestry groups in the United States. The articles explores the differences between what people say is OK and what they themselves actually do. It’s quite interesting:
READ THE ARTICLE: The Weird Racial Politics of Online Dating


Here’s an article on gender inequality in the place where one might imagine that we’d least expect to witness it — the tech sector where “worth” is considered to be based on skill and skill alone.
READ THE ARTICLE: Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?


Think back to the class on Jewish thought and anti-Semitism on the part of mostly Christians but also Muslims. With that in mind, watch the video (at the very beginning of this article) and then read the article. As you do, keep in mind that “Nazi” is being used as a generic term for fascist — or someone with a totalitarian frame of thinking. From the article: “Nazism,” Thompson said, “has nothing to do with race and nationality. It appeals to a certain type of mind. … The frustrated and humiliated intellectual, the rich and scared speculator, the spoiled son, the labor tyrant, the fellow who has achieved success by smelling out the wind of success — they would all go Nazi.”


The following is an episode of a new podcast called “Uncivil.” It’s about the U.S. Civil War and how some of the issues link to U.S. culture and race relations today. One of the hosts, Chenjerai Kumanyika is a friend and colleague VTCed into SOC 119 on the Thursday before Thanksgiving Break. The 30 minute episode that I want you to listen to is about how people have for the past 100 years tried to “spin” the Civil War about being fought for a large range of reasons OTHER THAN SLAVERY. It’s an attempt to cleanse the war of racism.
LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: The Spin (scroll down once you’re on the page)

You can listen to Uncivil on a range of iPhone or Android apps. Here is some help: How to listen to Uncivil podcast


Here’s a short article that will provoke your thinking about something.
READ THE ARTICLE: Republican is Not a Synonym for Racist


This is a program that features Basim Razzo and I think it’s a good idea for us to watch it as we close out the semester.
WATCH THE VIDEO: Democracy Now and the Story of Basim Razzo


Here’s a video about Mexican migrants working in northern Mexico on farms in which the vast majority of the produce will be exported to United States. It’s quite illuminating and, remember, these are the same workers who will come to the United States in search of work. What would you do?
WATCH THE VIDEO: The Fruits of Mexico’s Free Labor


Many of you have undoubtedly heard that the hip hop artist, Meek Mill, was re-incarcerated but in all likelihood you don’t know what is behind that happening. So here’s an article to keep you up-to-date. It’s from the left-leaning Guardian and so you’re definitely only side of the story, but the “facts” in the article appear to be true.
READ THE ARTICLE: Jay-Z, Kaepernick and the Disturbing Story of the Rapper Sent Back to Prison


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