Quiz Two Readings & Videos


If you enjoyed the articles and videos you read for the first quiz (or skimmed them…or thought about them but somehow never read or watched them…or simply asked your friend what they were about and then winged it on the quiz), you’re sure to enjoy these. Keep in mind that, as with the others, these readings and videos will not necessary go along with what we discuss in class. this is because events of the day take the class in new directions that require us to change course if we want the class to be interesting.

You will need about 6 hours to complete everything.

This is one of two long articles and it addresses the issue of racial and ethnic inequality by laying out the central idea of freedom and determinism in greater detail than we’ll address it in class.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Whose Fault Is It?”


This article totally grabbed me. I love this woman’s thinking…and writing. Let it get you outside of a box.
READ THE ARTICLE: “My Wedding was Perfect – And I Was Fat as Hell the Whole Time”


Here’s a timely article worth considering since we’ll likely see more of this in the future.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Puerto Rico’s Exodus Begins With a Trickle Into Orlando”


Interesting article on Voodoo.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Has voodoo been misjudged?”


Ever wonder how inner city Baltimore or Philly or Trenton or Detroit got to be so poor? Wonder no more. You’ll have a pretty good idea after listening to this guy talk. You can download this 35 minute interview or just listen to it online. (Hit the PLAY button in the upper, left-hand corner of the screen once you’re on the page.)
LISTEN TO INTERVIEW:  “Historian Says Don’t Sanitize How Our Government Created Ghettos”


In this 30 minute interview, Michelle Alexander speaks with Bill Moyers about the “prison industrial complex.” Even though it’s a video, it’s really just an interview so you can listen to it on your phone.
LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW:Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of the American Dream


This is an interesting take on the kneeling controversy.
READ THE ARTICLE:  “Civil-Rights Protests Have Never Been Popular”


Interesting analysis on the intersection of race and class and poor whites. (This is a long article.)
READ THE ARTICLE:  “The Original Underclass.”


Here is an illuminating article about universities and class mobility.
READ THE ARTICLE: “The Myth of American Universities as Inequality-Fighters”


This is a very interesting article to scroll through. Make sure that you take the quizzes and watch the videos.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Police Body Cameras: What do You See?”


This just seems worth reading.
READ THE ARTICLE: “What the Rich Won’t Tell You”


A fast and worthwhile read.
READ THE ARTICLE: “Before Calling People Racist or Politically Correct, Let’s Remember That Law Enforcement Has Conflicting Definitions of the Word ‘Terrorism’”


Here is an article about issues we discussed earlier in the semester and that we’ll return to. We might video conference Bill Edmonds, the author, into class in a few weeks and so I want to you have an idea about what he thinks.
READ THE ARTICLE: “A Soldier’s Story”

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