Sample Question

Some of you have asked what the questions on the quiz will be like. They are not tricky, nor do that require you to memorize very specific data so you don’t need to print out the articles, highlight what you think are key ideas, or take careful notes. Rather, all you need to do is read the readings and/or watch the videos once. However, when you read/watch, concentrate on what you’re reading/watching. If you do, you’ll remember what you need to remember. Don’t start studying until about one week from the quiz and remember that you need about 5-6 hours to get through the material.

In the event that you want a sample question, read this article (it will take you 10 minutes) and then try to answer the quiz question.

“Years After Invasion, The U.S. Leaves a Cultural Imprint on Afghanistan”

According to the article, “America’s Influence on Afghanistan,” which of the following is TRUE?
A) The Afghan government has been able to close down every one of the illegal bars and music clubs in Kabul.
B) Skateboarding is now unpopular among Afghan youth.
C) Underground poker games are fairly common in Afghanistan today, sometimes for big money.
D) Afghan youth are very unhappy with the new freedoms that they now have (like dressing how they want, wearing their hair as they want, partying together).


You can find the correct answer HERE.