Soc 119 Quiz Two – Spring 2017

1. After reading the article “Whose fault is it?” one could conclude that:
A) people freely make decisions that impact their fates and those free decisions are primarily responsible for how things unfold for them.
B) our lives are shaped by factors and forces outside of our control and we have very little impact on how things unfold in our lives.
C) Both external factors and our independent (free) decisions are equally responsible for how our lives unfold – for good and for bad.
D) People who wash car windows in big cities are almost entirely victims of circumstance and things they could not control.

2. Most Americans believe in what we call “achievement ideology.” What exactly does that belief mean to people?
A) A good work ethic allows you to succeed because you can always reach your goals (and become wealthy) if you work hard.
B) Regardless of your work ethic, your success is mostly based off of characteristics of your life, such as where you grew up and the socioeconomic status of your parents.
C) A good work ethic will sometimes help a person get ahead in life. However, true success ultimately depends on genetics.
D) It means that even when poor people work hard and become wealthy, they still cannot enter the Upper Class because entry into the elite class is based on cultural knowledge and not money.

3. Which is NOT true, according to the article, “Whose Fault is It”?
A) Unlike Asians and whites, Native Americans, blacks and Latinos do not believe that education is necessary for getting ahead
B) Egyptian Americans have the highest per capita income of any group in the U.S.
C) Most people lean in one direction or the other during a “freedom vs. determinism” debate because we select from the world around us information that fits into the views we have already formed
D) It takes a great deal of intellectual strength to remain in the middle of the “freedom vs. determinism” debate.

4. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the “13 Issues Facing Native Americans” article?
A) Exploitation of natural resources no longer threatens Native American communities
B) The U.S. Federal Government actively protects the land rights of Native peoples such that today it is virtually impossible for Native communities to loose the land that has been given to them
C) Violence against women and children is especially prevalent in Native communities compared with other groups in the U.S.
D) There are only 17 Native American tribes that are recognized by the U.S. government today.
E) Native Americans are more likely than any other group in the United States to vote.

5. In the article, “The Pitchforks are Coming,” due to the fast-growing social and economic inequality we see in the United States:
A) the U.S. is becoming a society in which everyone is middle class
B) the U.S. is becoming an authentic or true capitalist society in which everyone will soon be upper middle class
C) the U.S. will soon have a more equal distribution of wealth than any country in the world
D) we should more deliberately support the middle class because that is where most jobs are created
E) billionaires will be forced to solve our economic problems by earning even more money than they do now

6. According to the author of “The Pitchforks are Coming,” what will happen if economic inequality continues to worsen?
A) There will be an uprising by the lower classes B) U.S. film industry will grow twice as large as it is now
C) Poor people will stop having children D) The middle class will slowly rise to power

7. According to Tim Wise in the video, among the many reasons that White privilege is a “pathology” is that:
A) Black and Latino men are two times LESS likely to get pulled over by the cops than white men
B) White people are more likely to believe Elvis Presley is alive than to believe race inequality is a significant problem.
C) The average American white family has a net worth that is equal to black families but 8 times more than Latino and Native American families
D) White people in Atlanta voted for closing down all hospitals that treated mental health issues for people of color

8. When Tim Wise asked police officers what they thought of when they saw a Latino or black man driving a luxury car, what did they say?
A) The man came from a wealthy family
B) The man was probably a driver for a successful white businessman
C) The car was a rental and not their car
D) The man was probably a drug dealer

9. According to the “Pathology of White Privilege” video with Tim Wise:
A) White privilege is no longer relevant in the U.S. because of the growing power of racial minorities
B) What is “pathological” about white privilege is that benefiting from racism is bad for the physical health of white people
C) White middle class males are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks and school shootings in the U.S.
D) Women of color benefit from the growing discrimination experienced by white people but men of color do not

10. What is “redlining”, according to “Historian Says Don’t Sanitize How Our Government Created Ghettos”?
A) The policy of banks to not issue mortgage loans in African American and minority neighborhoods
B) The process of outlining neighborhoods in red on maps where ghettos exist so that more minority families would not move there
C) The policy of not allowing Native Americans to live in a neighborhood that was 50 percent white
D) The process of not allowing a homeowner to sell their home to an Asian American family unless there was a Chinese laundromat or restaurant within one half mile of that home

11. Select an example of one of the techniques that real estate agents used in the past to scare white families out of their homes, according to the article about the creation of urban ghettos in the U.S.
A) Force banks to only give loans to wealthy mixed race families.
B) Hire black people as maids and gardeners for rental properties but force them to work behind closed doors so they couldn’t be seen
C) Integrate churches so that whites would have to worship with people who were not white
D) Have black mothers walk around neighborhoods with baby carriages to scare white people

12. In the article “Self-Segregation: Why It’s So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson,” a 2012 PRRI Survey found that African American parents are far more likely than white American parents to favor:
A) allowing their children to drop out of school if they experience any discrimination in their classes
B) obedience over self reliance
C) allowing their children to drink alcohol when they are underage, sometimes as young as 10 years old
D) not allowing their children to have relationships with children of different racial groups (other than black)

13. According to the article “Self-Segregation: Why It’s So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson,” what is a primary reason for the racial divide over Michael Brown’s death?
A) The media makes it seem like white people and people of color have different views on Ferguson when, in fact, they actually have the exact same understanding of what happened to Michael Brown.
B) Most black and white Americans feel that, after reviewing the evidence, the police officer was not at fault. However, Asian and Latino Americans tend to think the officer should go to jail. This sort of difference in attitudes confuses White people.
C) White Americans tend to talk mostly to other white people about race issues and not also to people of color
D) Black and Latino Americans won’t listen to the white American side of “the race debate”

14. Think back to the article, “My Wedding was Perfect—And I was Fat the Entire Time.” What is the author of this article most interested in conveying?
A) She is trying to clarify what “fat people” should and shouldn’t wear at weddings so that, in her words, “fat people don’t look ridiculous.”
B) She wants to expand the range of of self-expression feelings for people who are overweight in order to stop the “fat shaming”
C) She designed her wedding to have as many overweight people in attendance as was possible so that “thin attendees” would have to confront their bias regarding weight
D) What the author labels “the wedding industry” is increasingly more interested in only catering to the needs of overweight people

15. According to the author who wrote about her wedding, public marriage proposals are often only done for women who are:
A) Outgoing B) Rich C) Poor D) Thin

16. According to Michelle Alexander in the video, “Locked Out of the American Dream,” which can be said to be true?
A) Alexander argues that we need to end mass incarceration for rural Americans since most prisons are in urban areas
B) Alexander argues that we need to build many more prisons but make them prisons that are humane and where prisoners are not mistreated—which occurs largely because guards are underpaid
C) Having prisons owned by private companies helps ensure that our prisons are kept filled even when the crime rates fall and even when most new prisoners are imprisoned for non-violent offenses.
D) States that incarcerate extremely high numbers of people have the lowest crime rates because all of the criminals are locked up

17. According to Michelle Alexander in the video, “Locked Out of the American Dream”:
A) because of policies of the Obama administration, there are virtually unlimited job opportunities for people with felonies on their record today
B) in growing numbers of states former prisoners are being forced to pay back the cost of their imprisonment
C) once released, female felons are discriminated against while male felons have a much easier way to put their lives back together
D) the zero tolerance policy of our education system to ensure discipline has benefitted black people

18. According to Michelle Alexander in the video, “Locked Out of the American Dream”:
A) the United States has the lowest rate of incarceration of any country in the world
B) the story of the woman whose 5-year-old son was run over and killed by a Los Angeles police officer shows that our incarceration system is working well
C) because of Obama, felony drug offenders are able to receive financial aid for college in order to get them back on their feet
D) the “get tough on immigrants” movement that we see today divides the lower classes in a similar way as the “get tough on crime” movement — and it actually undermines the rights of poor white people.

19. What is the main point of the article about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender) high school students?
A) Violence and bullying against LGBT students remains much higher than it is for straight students
B) Violence and bullying against lesbian students basically no longer exists but it still exists to some degree for boys who are gay
C) The suicide rate of LGBT students is now the same as the rate for straight students because of recent public service announcements
D) About 25 percent of the high school population describes themselves as LGBT

20. According to the article, “What Drives Success”:
A) Immigrant children often feel a drive to succeed in order to make up for the sacrifices of their parents
B) Indian Americans have an extremely low median household income because Indian immigrants come from the poor parts of India
C) If we offer admission to high school based only on test score (like at Stuyvesant and Bronx Science in New York City), then most people admitted will be bad at math.
D) In general, immigrants value education less than native born U.S. children

21. What ethnic group is most prominently climbing America’s higher education ladder, according to the article, “What Drives Success”?
A) Italians B) Nigerians C) Mexicans D) Cambodians

22. According to the article, “The Original Underclass”:
A) Every white person who migrated to the American Colonies in the 1700s and 1800s was required to either own a slave or pay a slave tax (a tax that supported security and policing of slave counties)
B) The early years of the United States were operated like socialist system in that the government tried to make everyone economically equal
C) There was as much or more economic and class inequality among white people in the early years of the U.S. as there is today and there have always been an extraordinary large number of poor white people in this country.
D) Poor white people in the U.S. are mostly concentrated in two states – Mississippi and West Virginia

23. According to the article, “The Original Underclass”:
A) Hillbillies are wealthy Hispanic Americans who live in the mountains
B) Social breakdown (e.g., out-of-wedlock births, joblessness, drug addiction) is increasing among less privileged white families
C) In recent opinion polls most poor white people report that they still think that they can be rich if they work harder
D) Nearly every white male living in the U.S. during the 1700s owned at least one slave

24. According to the article, “I Used to Lead Tours at a Plantation,” which is NOT one of the most common misconceptions about slavery?
A) Household slavery was not as bad as field slavery
B) Slaveholders took care of their slaves and so slaves must have felt loyalty to their owners
C) Slavery and poverty are interchangeable so that being a slave was just like being poor today
D) Slaves lived in chains all hours of the day and night

25. The author of the article, “I Used to Lead Tours at a Plantation,” thought that tour guests felt more comfortable asking the author questions and believing the author because:
A) the author was black but from Africa and did not personally have ancestors who were slaves
B) the author was white
C) the author was from the north and didn’t have a Southern accent
D) the author was from Ireland

26. What is true from the article, “An Unnoticed Struggle”?
A) Because his killers did not ever go to jail, the murder of Vincent Chin was important in organizing Asian Americans in the United States
B) Most post-1965 immigrants to the U.S. have been from Africa
C) There are no hate crimes committed against Asians in the United States
D) Only Japanese who entered the U.S. from Japan AFTER the start of WWII were interned in U.S. prison camps

27. From the article, “An Unnoticed Struggle,” what effect did the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 have on the United States?
A) All immigrants from China who were living in the U.S. got deported to Mexico
B) All Chinese immigrants were allowed to become American citizens, but only Chinese and not other people from East Asia
C) Americans were forbidden from travelling to China
D) All immigration into the U.S. from China was banned

28. According to the articles on prison labor as the “new American slavery”:
A) The majority of prisoners in the U.S. (86%) are incarcerated for violent crimes
B) Prisoners produce goods and services from only FIVE U.S. companies. However, those five companies are so large (e.g., Wal*Mart) that every American buys prisoner “slave” labor products
C) In some places (e.g., Texas) prisoners are actually forced to work and so they are, technically speaking, “slaves”
D) Only violent prisoners in the U.S. are forced to work for at little to no pay. Non violent prisoners are not part of this “neo slavery system.”

29. Which of the following could one conclude after reading the article, “The Immigration Debate We Need”?
A) Only new immigrants who are male and over the age of 40 will do well in the United States in the next 20 years
B) Increasing the numbers of immigrants is clearly beneficial for the economy of the U.S. and everyone will benefit
C) The immigration debate is extremely complicated and there are no easy answers
D) The only way for the U.S. to grow our economy in the next 30-50 years will be to decrease the number of new immigrants

30. From watching the videos about police body cameras and taking the quizzes on the web site, we can conclude that:
A) body cameras will solve the issues that arise in police shootings because they allow viewers to clearly see what actually happened.
B) body cameras are too expensive to use in all police agencies in the United States and so they won’t help reduce police shootings
C) body cameras are most effective with female police officers because women are less likely to chase suspects (by foot or in their cars)
D) body cameras can sometimes be effective but often will likely just add to confusion, debate, and disagreement when people watch the video that they capture