Spring 2017 – Full Lectures

Day One – “Introduction to the Course”

Day Two – “Native Americans and Critical Thinking”

Day Three – “Trump, Lewis, and Critical Thinking”

Day Four – “Asians, Culture, and Ancestry”

Day Five – “Trump and Our Random Divisions”

Day Six – “Understanding Race”

Day Seven – “The Longest Hatred”

Day Eight – “Christian Sharia”

Day Nine – “Choice and Chance”

Day Eleven – “The Starting Line”

Day Twelve – “Race Reversal”

Day Thirteen – “Everyone Gets Challenged”

Day Fourteen – “Global Inequality”

Day Fifteen – “Immigration I”

Day Sixteen – “Immigration II”

Day Seventeen – “Multiculturalism”

Day Eighteen — “The Needy Penis”

Day Twenty Two – “Resolving Conflict”

Day Twenty Three – “Love, Tragedy, Greed, War”

Day Twenty Four – “Personal Troubles and Public Issues

Day Twenty Five – “Black vs. Blue Lives”

Day Twenty Six – “Understanding ISIS”