Wednesday, September 25

1. Stop sending us emails through Canvas. We're no longer responding to them.

2. I put some information about teaching in Najaf, Iraq on a web page if you're interested. Keep in mind that this is NOT a Penn State-sponsored travel program.

3. Quiz Two is NEXT Tuesday on October 1st -- in class. (20 questions)

  • If you skim the readings/videos, you will do poorly. GUARANTEED.

  • It’s only 3.5 hours of work and we STRONGLY advise that you do it this weekend or Monday. Don't be distracted when you read the articles and watch the videos. Just enjoy them. Don't take notes -- you'll be fine.

4. You should be registering for your second World in Conversation dialogue. Please just do ONE "global dialogue" and FOUR "foundation dialogues" because we are limited in the number of global dialogues we can offer
and we want everyone to do one. And remember...if you show up more than 10 minutes late for a group, you won't be allowed in the room.

Sunday, September 23

  1. The second quiz is a week from Tuesday (October 1st) during class. It will resemble the first quiz in terms of how the questions are structured and worded, only there will be twenty of them. You need about 3.5 hours to complete the readings and videos — but I probably would not do read/watch until the weekend before the quiz.

  2. You should be scheduling your second World in Conversation dialogue. Again, if you have never received an email, your PSU email should be in the WinC system so you can always register. Following directions by going HERE.

  3. Remember to keep up with your Packback assignments. A question and a response is due every Sunday at 11:59pm until you reach ten of each. Make sure you have 80 Curiosity Points for each submission.

Friday, September 13

  1. Please check your spam folder for the World in Conversation emails. We’re trying to resolve the problem of emails going to spam but for now, keep checking your spam folder (which you should always do anyway). Sign up for your first group by the end of today.

  2. If you have problems with the WinC scheduling process, go to: Do NOT send an email about WinC to Lauren or Sam or the class email ( You’ll get a faster more accurate response from the WinC team.

  3. The first quiz is on Canvas. Take it now. The reading/video material for the quiz is on the class web site (go HERE). You might want to watch that video that Sam made and that you can find at the link I just gave you.

  4. Your first Packback assignments are due Sunday night (9/15) at 11:59pm. If you don’t know what you’re doing, read the directions on the web site or syllabus (go HERE) and you might want to watch that screen capture video that Sam made and that is on the web page.

  5. Please please please use the class email ( for your correspondence with Lauren and Sam and Murtatha. Don’t use Canvas.

  6. We have a weekly podcast in which Sam-Jeff-Joy-Darneisha discuss the previous week’s classes and other issues. This week (today) Jared Odrick will join us. Fridays from Noon - 1:15pm

Sunday, September 8

  1. First quiz opens tonight. It’s only five questions and you’ll have 12 minutes to take it on Canvas. You have until September 13 at 11:59pm to take the quiz and you’ll find the readings and video under the COURSE MATERIALS link at the top of this page. Watch THIS video about how to study for and take the quizzes.

  2. Your first PackBack submissions are due NEXT Sunday night at 11:59pm. Make sure you sign up for PackBack and don’t wait until next Sunday. Bad move. If you have questions about Packback, then read the syllabus or watch THIS video in which I explain what to do.

  3. Pertaining to lecture attendance, if you arrive more than 10 minutes late or leave early, you need to stop by the table at the top of the room and see Zeyu or Lauren. Don’t try to skip out. This is not high school and you’re going to die.

  4. World in Conversation dialogues is going full speed and most of the class will receive the first “invitation to register” email by the end of next weekend.

    Please sign up for ONE GROUP as soon as you receive the email. Later you’re receive another notification to register for another group…until you have attended five of them. Spread them out throughout the semester — and make sure you show up. Keep in mind the following:

  • We understand you may need to reschedule your dialogue. In order for it not to be categorized as a miss, you must reschedule before your initial dialogue is to occur.

  • In order for it not to be categorized as a miss, you must communicate with World in Conversation Staff at least one hour before the start time of the dialogue you will be rescheduling. You can do this by going to

  • Failure to do both of these things will result in your dialogue being categorized as a miss (which means that we’ll deduct points from your World in Conversation grade for SOC 119

  • If you have to do a World in Conversation dialogue for another class, that will NOT count toward your SOC 119 dialogue (and vice versa)