PURCHASING PACKBACK$15.00 (this is NOT optional)


If you received an email, just follow the steps in the email.

If you did not receive an email, then do the following:

  • STEP ONE: Create an account at:  https://www.packback.co/

  • STEP TWO:  Use this registration key for access to the SOC 119 community: 847dd3c2-2e8f-4a75-9b00-e491fa1ed99d 

  • STEP THREE:  Get started


CURIOSITY SCORE: In order to receive full points for SOC 119 assignments, your Curiosity Score must be above 80. Here are a few things to ensure that you reach 80:

  • Don’t have spelling errors

  • Use paragraphs and make sure you write at least 300 words for new question and 150 for a response

  • Include the link to the SOC 119 class YouTube video that you’re commenting on by clicking on the “Insert Video” tab (don’t just put it in the middle of your text)

  • There are no half credit responses so that you’ll either receive FULL points or ZERO points for your efforts



Watch this screen capture video if you need help with this assignment.


TEN - Question-Answer Submissions – 30 points

You have twelve weeks to submit eleven of these assignments. This means that you can forget one week and you’re still all good and won’t miss those points. You receive THREE (3) points for each submission with a Curiosity Score at 80 or above.

Each week you will select a segment from lecture that sparks a question in you. On the Packback platform, you’ll type in the question and provide the video link from the SOC 119 lecture that points to the part of class that addresses your question. Then you are going to answer your question in a minimum of 300 words. So, each submission will have three parts to it:

  • Your question

  • A “reflection video” link that you’ll get from the SOC 119 web site (www.soc119.org)

  • Your 300 word response

  • If you want, you can include another source in the Source box at the bottom


We want you to use videos from more recent classes. It takes us a week to get videos up so focus on the previous three weeks of lecture when you’re formulating your questions.

Eleven of these submissions are due throughout eh course of the semester, beginning during Week Three. However, you will have twelve weeks to submit them because your lowest Question-Answer Submission score will be dropped. So if you forget to do this assignment or don’t have time one week, then you won’t lose points,



STEP ONE: Go to www.soc119.org (left column) and select a video segment from class about which you want to comment

STEP THREE: Log into Packback and go to the SOC 119 page

STEP FOUR: Click on “Ask a New Question” and type in the question that you want to answer pertaining to segment from class that you’ve selected   REMEMBER, USE OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS.

STEP FIVE: Paste the YouTube link into the “Add a Video” box by clicking on the Insert Video tab (don’t just paste it into your text)

STEP SIX: Write a 300 word answer to your own question. Use paragraphs and don’t make spelling errors.

STEP SEVEN: Make sure your Curiosity Score is above 80 and then log out





TEN - Response Submissions – 20 points

Along with your weekly Question-Answer submission, each week you will also formulate ONE 150 word response to a classmate’s Question-Answer submission assignment that is posed on the Packback platform. For this response you MUST include either a video link or a source link to get your Curiosity Score to 80.

Each response is worth TWO (2) points and each response must receive a “Curiosity Score” of at least 80 in order for you to receive the points.


STEP ONE: Log into Packback and scroll through the Question-Answer Submissions from other students on the SOC 119 Packback page 

STEP TWO: Read through questions from your classmates to find one that you would like to talk about. We’ve pinned what we think are some of the more interesting ones at the top.

STEP THREE: Start your Response Submission by clicking "Add Response" on someone’s question. Or provide a counter/supporting point to a classmate’s response by selecting "Add Response" on someone’s reply. 

STEP FOUR: Check your Curiosity score and make sure that it’s at least 80 (remember there is no half credit) and make sure you hit 150 words.




VERY IMPORTANT: The good news is that if you follow the class schedule (below) you’ll see that there are twelve weeks in which Packback assignments are due. This means that you can skip two weeks and you’re still good – because you just have to accumulate 50 total points.