While there are no books that you need to purchase for the course, there are readings and videos that you will need to read/watch for the quizzes. They can be found at the following links.

WATCH THIS VIDEO if you want to hear Sam talk about how to prepare for and take the quizzes in SOC 119?

Quiz One - Readings and Videos - ONLINE on Canvas — opens on 9/8 at 8:00pm and closes on 9/13 at 11:59pm

(5 questions and the readings/videos will take you 30-35 minutes to complete — but the Canvas quiz will remain open for only 12 minutes)

Quiz Two - Readings and Videos - IN-CLASS — Tuesday, October 1st

(20 questions and the readings/videos will take you about 3.5 hours to complete)

Quiz Three - Readings and Videos - IN-CLASS — Thursday, October 31st

(25 questions and the readings/videos will take you about ? hours to complete)

Quiz Four - Readings and Videos - IN-CLASS — You can take the fourth quiz on EITHER at the end of class on Thursday, December 12th (like the second and third quizzes) or on Sunday December 15th at Noon in 100 Thomas Building.

(25 questions and the readings/videos will take you about ? hours to complete)

Here are some things to think about as you’re studying for the exams:

1. The exams only account for a portion of your overall grade. If you want an A, then you need to do well on them but you could get 100 percent on each quiz and still end up with a C don’t do the other assignments or come to class.

2. You really have to read the readings and watch the videos. It’s not a lot of work but you will NOT do well if you don’t do the work. This is not an exam for which you can guess at the answers and get a good grade.

3. Far too many of you won’t take what we just wrote above seriously and you’ll just skip over or skim through the readings/videos on the first quiz. Bad idea…but you’ll learn.

4. Aside from actually reading articles and watching videos, the only advice that we can give to you is that you should concentrate while doing so. People who do really well on exams after studying at the last minute are able to do so because they concentrate and don’t daydream while they’re underlining words that they’ve never actually understood when they first read over them.

5. The exam questions are not meant to be tricky or difficult. In fact, we WANT you to get the questions correct because it would indicate that you actually read or watched the material. You don’t have to memorize numbers and percentages and names and so on — unless it’s something that truly stands out in the article/video.